Turbostart is a unique, national platform that creates opportunities for early stage startups to grow and build successful companies. Guided by industry veterans and with a commitment towards entrepreneurship, our vision is to find and empower talented entrepreneurs and unite all stakeholders to build a synergistic startup -ecosystem in India.


This adaptation of the logo uses the Red, Yellow and Green dots along with the name. The three colors are synonymous with the audience across the world as the signal to start. From racing games to the traffic signal, these are the three colors that mark the beginning. Thus these three colors can mark the beginning of the race among the entrepreneurs as they start their course towards better destinations with our initiative.

Research Variants

Colours & Font


A platform to bring industry experts, angel investors, private equity players, and other service providers together to assist startups with business model validation and future planning, while providing market access, guaranteed investments and working spaces by the Atria Group.